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Campo de Desconcentración Polivalente is located in Alcóntar in Almanzora valley near Sierra de Los Filabres in the province of Almería, Spain. Campo de Desconcentración Polivalente’s mission is to offer a space that brings artists together into new and fresh surroundings in the heart of a tinny village of east Almería that will either foster new studio practice experimentation, or enable the realization of a planned project in which this dedicated time and space can make possible.

Campo de Desconcentración Polivalente is housed in a old rural Mill building that dates back to the 19th century. The residency hosts, three month each year (June to August), 2 to 4 artists/ artist teams at time, offering space in building that operates as a Bed and Breakfast during the other 10 months of the year. The B&B “El Molino de Alcóntar”  is  run by a grandmother and granddaughter their story building with two floors of housing and studios. There are four bedrooms, two are standard size bedrooms, and three bedrooms/ workspaces, all have doubled bed.  Each artists will choose a studio/workplace that will be more close  of them necessities, (Note- Please specify in your application if you have preferences or needs types of spaces.

The residency will provide group dinners Monday through Thursday, as well as provide breakfast foods to serve yourself on the same four days. This food is included in your residency fee.

The residency fee is 370 €, which includes the room, studio, internet connection, one time week laundry service and breakfast and dinner every Monday through Thursday for one month. 730 € For two months, 1050 € for three months Residency. If you are a collaborative of two people who share a bed or room, or would like to have a partner join you, we are completely open to that. We do not charge the whole residence fee for the second person, just an impact and food cost fee of 180 € each month.

The Residency will run four weeks, or eight weeks or  twelve weeks for the months of June, July and/ or August. It will start on June 2nd and end on August 31th. And optional and selected for the Alcóntar villagers  for take part Of the ARTLAB festival around August 20th from 8 edition with the name: SUBNORMAL TRIP ALCÓNTAR TO THE MOON. Campo de Desconcentración Polivalente make an Contemporary art laboratory-festival, and provides to the artist for 4 days all included on experimentation LAB in connection and collaboration of the Alcóntar villagers. That especial event takes part during the cultural week and main party of the village of Alcóntar.

There are a number of bicycles available for residents to use, and many things are within a short bike ride, including a thermal outside bath. Downtown are bars-restaurant, a grocery, hairdresser and so much more (please see the Location page for a more detail description of the area). We also have a car that we can use to pick up larger art supplies in the immediate area. On July and August there is the summer swimming municipal pool to entry is 1€ or ask us for the bonus.




FESTIVALILLO diy con cabañuelas, zahori,
metereologa, rituales diversos, concurso de cortos
y bandas musicales para atraer juntaos la LLUVIA